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More Romance And My Selfish Thoughts

I have returned, with more… shoujo. Oh shoujo! It is thee that bestows upon us young, fair maidens with multitudes of dreamy delusions, subtly drawing out our delicate emotions and tears with such innocuous and poignant tales. At the finale, the point where one story ends and the search for another begins, I can only feel saudade, such bitterness but also contentment.

…what’s up with that pretentious, flowery diction you say?! Do not be alarmed, farmer. It is merely an attempt, a valiant, honest effort at sounding cultured. Begone, vulgarities! Vocabulary, I shall uphold thee upon your righteous name! …okay I shall move on. Continue reading


The Bishounen of Your Dreams Have Come

Hey you there!

Hungering for gorgeous bishies? 

Searching for that irresistible, charming, fiery guy?

Well… Look no further!

I present to you, a small picture collection of beautiful characters from Wand of Fortune!

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More Shoujo Goodness

A friend of mine recently asked me why I liked shoujo romances so much. My first thought was actually that maybe I, as teenage girls do, craved for some affection from the opposite sex, and satiated myself through manga. But I realized that I didn’t really feel such a longing for romance, and instead it was the vivid art and story of shoujo manga itself that hooked me so much. Shoujo art can be so poignant, and the characters are extremely expressive, which can lead me to get really emotional. Because of such display of emotions, it’s easy to get engrossed in the story and enjoy it. Plus most shoujo manga are usually short with happy endings, so they give instant gratification! All hail shoujo.

I’m gonna recommend some shoujos that I think are really nice!
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PROJECT K IS SO GOOD!!!!!!11!!!!!1!

I am in love with Project K. It’s just so addictive, once you start, you’d get so hooked onto the gorgeous visuals, cranky characters, hilarious scenarios and cool music. I don’t know how to describe the background music. It kinda puts you in a trance because it’s so tranquil but serious and it makes you feel like something big is gonna happen you know!?!? OH AND I LOVE THE ENDING SONG. IT’S BEAUTIFUL! Ahhhh gosh. So I just watched episode 4, and I can’t wait for more! (yes that rhymes) And Neko is getting strangely attractive to me now.

IS SHE NOT CUTE?????! Continue reading

Living The Secret Otaku Life

Hi fellow otakus.. I don’t know if you go through the same thing as I do.

I’m not ashamed of my love of anime/manga but I somehow find it embarrassing when people (especially those who don’t know a thing about it) find out and talk about me reading manga. Idk, sounds contradictory, but it’s like an involuntary response.

Main example: Closing/switching tabs and plugging out earphones whenever family tries to look at what i’m seeing on my laptop. Next one is really aggravating. Whenever my friends and I go to Comics Connection (..they go see the K-pop stuff), I have to resist the urge to look at the huge collection of mangas and cool keychains. I just avoid anything anime-related when i’m with them.. Continue reading

Cheesy Shojos

There’s always this thing about shojo manga that pulls me in– maybe I’m just a sucker for romance, but no matter how cheesy the plot is, I’d always fall in love with the characters. Well, most of the time. What exactly makes it so intriguing, I wonder?

Is it the heartache that we all feel when the heroine is crying? It certainly makes the male lead wake up and do something after that, and this scene never fails to appear in most shojo mangas. Speaking of these cliches, based on my experience of reading many of such mangas, let me try to name a few! :) Continue reading