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2-D Girls Are Sexual Deviants

Rape! Sex! Boobs! Meh all of you desensitized fools probably just rolled your eyes. But listen. This post is for all of you silly girls hankering for a dangerous romance– and by dangerous, I mean bordering on rape. See, I realized how about 40% of people got onto this site. It sucks, but you guys search for these terms.


urgh X2

Now, whoever typed out the one truth that L-elf is a bad boy deserves a hug. But what’s with the ‘please fuck me anime’?! Wanna hear more of such search terms? The weirdest one was something about Pokemon Yaoi. But I mainly sense a slightly misconstrued shoujo spirit hovering around. And i’m sure that it can all be summed up by one huge misconception best represented by some girl searching about this: manga where girl gets raped by guy who loves her. Continue reading


The Ire of a Girl (Prose)

For all the girls out there. For us who cry easily even though we refuse to. For us who need to look strong, even though we’re really emotionally-charged creatures. And for us who hate crying when we’re getting scolded. We can’t win arguments when we’re crying. Continue reading

Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita

This freakshow. Call it Humanity has Declined, or Jintai for short. I mean, I had read up on this and heard that it was not all as it seemed, but I was HORRIFIED!!! This anime is a trap –the cute, innocent characters against a lovely setting hides this scary and utterly freaky whole concept of what people do during extreme times, and a terrible scenario. I’ll talk about the plot later.

Just look at this cuteness.

Why don’t be tricked. This anime is really cruel, they give you such cute characters with cute voices (I mean the seiyuus), but it’s all just a facade that hides the evil intents.

Basically, this is set in a long time in the future where humans have regressed and food sources are rapidly declining. And there are fairies in this show. Fucking fairies. (what is wrong with me?? I shouldn’t swear)

To be honest, I only watched one episode and about 5 mins of the second. But what compelled me to write this post is the sheer peculiarity of this anime. It’s so evil that it’s wickedness is seeping through and the cute animations just make it worse. You know like how during some horror movie they start playing kindergarten songs? The effect is something like this. Dude. I read mature seinen manga and I get used to the gore and the scary shit, but this one freaks me out. I think I just can’t stand the building tension. Continue reading

Anime Awesome Art

AAA! Alliteration! (And I think there’s a shojo manga called ‘AAA’ that i’ve read before xD)

Anyway, this is quite a pointless post to make but i’ve just have to say that anime styled art is the most gorgeous type of art/drawings! I’ve become so acquainted to them that I subconsciously look out for any hints of this art form and I just adore anything to do with them! I wonder what makes them so brilliant :)

(Before any weird copyright issue ever pops up, I’d just like to say that my art sucks and there is no way that any of these brilliant images are mine. They all belong to someone else) Okay. While this might not be the most perfect or ideal shounen in mind, ain’t he just drool-worthy? I just cannot explain it but the moment I see a drawing in anime form, I get sucked in immediately. Now to find a partner for this Mr Handsome.

Now this girl. (Yes the b…boobs are bothering me. No i’m not into those type of things!) I guess its the eyes- I always love how their eyes are so beautiful and so clear. Oh and of course what exclusively belongs to anime-styled art would be their ability to look fabulous in any hair and eye color. Now that’s a feat. Few cosplayers actually look good when wearing colored wigs. And the expression. Dang. I just love them! Continue reading