Aldnoah Zero: A Perfect Princess till the end

I’m just going to be focusing on Princess Asseylum here, the embodiment of all that is good and pure in this anime. The light motif continually surrounds her with sunbeams being her personal spotlight and well, I mean you can just look at the princess with her literally shiny blonde hair, iridescent eyes, fair complexion and that pure royal white dress that screams alert, this is our heroine our dearest strong and innocent princess!!!

Typical angelic face showcasing innocence and righteous determination

Typical angelic face showcasing innocence and righteous determination

The only issue I have with dear Princess Asseylum here is, I can’t decide if I like her or not.

Every word out of her virtuous and upstanding mouth is just more evidence for her noble character, and it’s made clear from the start that Princess Asseylum has no qualms about risking her safety to stop the war. Fuck me, she’s simply the personification of goodness. The princess doesn’t discriminate, she merely optimistically and bravely seeks peace between two warring civilizations. I don’t dislike her for being the generic mary sue-esque heroine who sacrifices her life eventually while bettering the world. She didn’t annoy me with any lengthy speeches of her ideal outcome of peace. I’m just going to frivolously say that Princess Asseylum was perfect, and that’s what bothered me. Now, the princess’ obvious foil would be Rayet, whose pessimism, pettiness, and darkness only served to further illustrate the brightness, strength, and optimism of Princess Asseylum. Poor Rayet. Even as she was deeply envious of the princess she knew that attempting to murder her was illogical, and would only serve to make others further empathize with the princess. When you’re up against someone so perfect, you can only stand on her side, or lose. You can’t outshine her.

Let your ugly jealousy out, and let the Princess' graciousness shine amongst the filth you created.

Let your ugly jealousy out, and let the Princess’ graciousness shine amongst the filth you created.

I can’t go back to being a Martian, but i’m not Terran either. But you… you revealed yourself as a Martian! In spite of that, you were accepted! You made a place for yourself! In spite of what you are! My father is dead because you came here. This war started because you came here. We were betrayed because you came here. I’m all alone because you came here. In spite of all that, how can they not hate you?!

Ya know, Princess Asseylum obviously had good intentions and all for world peace, without knowledge of the insidious political plottings at the backdoor. Logically, she has only been making the right and courageous decisions so far, and Rayet’s stupid idea of trying to murder her (and shutting down their source of power, Aldnoah, by doing that) is made to look petty in comparison. Rayet, along with the dumb PTSD showoff guy, are both negative people with defeatist attitudes and cynical mindsets. Rayet obviously craves attention and love from others, but she can only watch as the beautiful and kind-hearted princess receives them unconditionally with her innocent smile and bright laughter. Rayet doesn’t have boundless waves of optimism or any noble intention like Princess Asseylum does. She effectively hates everyone after her countrymen Martians, who taught her to hate Terrans, killed her father. But at the end of the day she just wants a place to belong to.

No one can win against perfection. It’s in our nature (well, at least in mine) to probe for flaws and lies in the face of purity and goodness in others. Whether it’s disbelief or jealousy, it stems from the self-centred root of the human who wants to be the best. Naturally then, since Princess Asseylum is invincibly constructed with honour, bravery, and selflessness, Rayet her flawed foil can only quietly sow the irrational seeds of deep hatred and feed them with pangs of sharp envy as she watches the princess get loved and accepted by everyone. Rayet can never match the princess and Rayet will never be as loved, because she simply doesn’t have such endearing qualities. And thus I believe that there is never a need for her to emulate the princess to obtain the exact same validation by others; for everything of the princess that Rayet is not, she has something different to strike out on her own with.

See the light motif? It's everywhere!

See the light motif? It’s everywhere!

I bet it’s kinda clear that i’m circle-jerking myself. It’s a small circle of just me and Rayet. My friend today just told me that if you want to don’t want to give a fuck about others, you have to give a fuck about not giving a fuck. Writing this might not give a sense of closure, but even reinforce certain perspectives that you don’t want to keep around. But whatever, this is fun.

Okay that’s all for our dear Princess Asseylum! Aldnoah Zero was quite a good anime, thankfully our first main character Idaho was interesting with his cold logic and accurate insights, if not I would have dropped it. He made one point that I thought was damn right about wars:

Wars break out even when there’s no hatred. Territories, resources that you want to own. Ideologies, religion, pride. Wars are fought over such objectives all the time, meaning that the war will end when these objectives are met. That or… the war will end when the human cost outweighs the gains. Anger and hate are nothing more than tools to tilt the war in your favour.

OH LOL BTW have I mentioned that the ending of this anime is hilarious? Biggest TIFU by Slaine ever. Fucking ridiculous how he saved his enemy due to blind pity, allowing that enemy to kill the love of his life Princess Asseylum just moments later. And then Slaine kills Idaho b-because he tried to h-hold his princess’ hand on his dying breath! The atrocity!



Whoops, just caused the princess i’ve loved and been searching for the whole anime to die. Let me kill the guy she’s closest to, because damn, how dare he try to touch her hand.

I was looking forward to a badass collaboration between Slaine and Idaho, but guess not. At least Idaho died well, having lived however the hell he wanted to. He did freely follow Yuki’s advice till the end, acting on his 17-year-old prophetic and genius instinct to save everyone, didn’t he? Make decisions as circumstances dictate. If you have to, trust your gut and make the call.


8 thoughts on “Aldnoah Zero: A Perfect Princess till the end

  1. Kazuel

    I knew I wasn’t the only one that looked forward to a inaho and slaine cooperation scene lmfao
    ” Bat! You’re falling back ! ”
    ” I could say the same about you, orange . ”
    x,D it would have been hilarious but unfortunately it wasn’t done lmfao
    Slaine going bat crazy made me go wow this makes me really like slaine for some reason even more than I did before-

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Slaine lol his only redeeming quality is his handsomeness HAHA

      I was feeling really bad for him when he held his tongue while getting tortured, but then wtf he let out the secret that the princess was alive right after his torturing ended, even though he was enduring so much to not say it? Then the count somehow immediately understood his devoted loyalty. Quickest turn of events ever. And Slaine goes ballistic with jealousy too. Sigh I guess the princess was weighing too heavily on his overprotective mind.

  2. Casey Park

    i personally cant stand her she is more arrogant and naive rather than pure and innocent you really can blame the war on her stubbornness she is a reflection of the optimists who have gotten themselves and many others killed throughout history due to their own stubborn naive mind

    ironically whether its subconsciously or they are aware people like the princess are the worst those people are the self centered ones whether they know it or not ITS ALWAYS THE PRINCES THE PRINCESS THE PRINCESS, SHE HAS TO DO EVERYTHING, SHE DOES EVERYTHING DESPITE KNOWING FULL WELL ITS HER FAULT

    i know that characters like her are trying to do the right thing but it comes to a point where you cant help but say ok who is this really about now? still on episode 8 honestly not wanting to hear the speeches by the dumb cunt got tiresome if she really did die thats great im gonna wrap up the first half if not thank you for trolling me into finishing this well very good series that is also annoying as shit because of that arrogant little cunt

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      LOL so much hate! I never once perceived the princess negatively– if anyone is arrogant it’s definitely her annoying sidekick with a superiority complex. And with so much anger simmering in Mars, everyone’s just waiting for a small provocation from Earth to tip them over. You can’t blame the princess entirely since the Martians would just find another reason to start war.

      1. 117

        The princess and her beliefs are pure and right however she assumes that everyone would have peace and joy during the first episode which was really impossible due to millions being dead and etc and the fact she thinks like that means that she is still inexperienced and blind to the realities of the world….but if she survives that final episode she can grow as a character and be someone worthy of someone capable bringing peace or she will have brain damage

        In Inaho’s case his reasons and logic and insight about things and situations are very well said especially that war thing of which you agree but as a character he is poorly made due to the fact i do not see much build up or explanation why he is so damn good at war and things at the level of zero and L-elf.

        Slain is someone what you can consider one of those characters you would want to punch but i however understand his confusion and mistakes but it does not excuse him. His young and inexperienced mind is thrown in a world at war and his loyalties can be considered on the fence or not sure what should he do. But no matter how naive you are why would you save someone who clearly tried to kill the love of your love and the consequence is the possible death of your love

  3. Bakahisa~

    Reblogged this on Bakahisa's Random Analysis and commented:
    interesting analysis. Aldnoah was a great anime and actually had good perceptive depth in terms of a dramatic anime (only one that I can remember that actually has good intellectual depth of something similar would be guilty crown). Reblogged because it’d seem like something that’s worth reading (y).


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