The Truly Talented

You know, I’ve always wanted to be in a band (hey, I play the piano, though I know nothing about the keyboard xD). It always seems so badass and cool when you get to play whatever you want, whenever, in a band with friends. This desire got even stronger after I watched k-on! You know, that super cute band anime that I bet has inspired thousands.

In the anime, they look much cuter and more chibi but hell, the sight above is exactly part of what I’ve always wanted to be and somehow can never be :(

So I went on youtube and found so so so many talented Japanese (and all of them somehow always wear masks whenever they film themselves. Are they afraid of being found out/too humble/too shy? Either way, they are really, really good. And the masks not only adds to their mysterious aura, it just makes the whole thing hilarious. And damned good). Some of them can do awesome instrumental covers while others, especially some vocaloid cover singers from nico nico douga that I follow, are just phenomenal. I just feel that the Japanese have this quality, this tone and pitch in their voice that makes them incomparable to anything else.

Its super good, isn’t it?! The vocal singer is doing something called ‘trap singing’, which is quite popular now. Trap singing is when you sing both female and male voices, or just the pitch of your opposite gender. How cool is that. So can you tell if the singer is a girl or a guy? xD Actually, I bet all of the people (even Tissue Hime, the one in the sailor uniform) are actually guys! The electric guitarist with the hoodie and scary mask looks the coolest, right? xD Haha this is one awesome band!

So here’s another video of another band (with ridiculously cute masks) to enjoy! The song is Only My Railgun from the anime To Aru Majustsu No Index. Watch it :)

Vocaloid songs, which are not authentically sung by humans, take time to get used to, but I absolutely love them. But of course there are covers by some absolutely awesome singers with codenames like Clear, Valshe and Tourai (my favorite!) that just blow your mind.. and your ears away.

That’s 96neko, a trap singer. See how badass they all are?

And so I could leave you with an entire list of songs to watch because they’re all really that good! I’ll just list a few favorites: Magnet, World is mine, Canterella, Synchronity, Imitation Black and the Daughter of Evil series. Really, just go hover around the vocaloid section in youtube, click random links and watch the videos- you’ll find really cool songs to enjoy.

I’m sorry, I just have to share two last vocaloid songs covered by some nico nico singers. They’re really nice to hear :)


Ahh, Japanese songs, the sweetest music to my ears.


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